How & Why We Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Policy Advisor of PETA® on Living a Cruelty-Free Life.

31 Oct -
2 min read

Want to start following more of a Cruelty-Free lifestyle? We asked some of the coolest people we know on how to live a more holistic life. Dr. Dipti M Kapoor, PhD, Science Policy Advisor at PETA takes us through her tips. 

We, at PETA, categorise a cosmetics or household product (like cleaners/detergents) company as cruelty-free after ensuring that the company refuses to test on animals themselves or via a contract manufacturer, and refuses to procure ingredients from companies which test on animals, and that they have this policy worldwide. We also ensure that the company pledges to maintain this standard in the future. So cruelty-free by our definition means that none of the finished product, ingredient or formulation is ever tested on animals.

PETA (heart emoji) the beauty industry. PETA affiliates cooperate on a Beauty Without Bunnies program which includes a searchable database through which consumers can check whether their favourite brands are cruelty-free.  There are more than 4,000 cruelty-free companies in this global database. Companies once certified as cruelty-free, also have the opportunity to share their cruelty-free commitment with consumers by using our cruelty-free bunny logo on product labels and promotional materials. This step helps consumers identify cruelty-free products at a glance while shopping.

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