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5 tips to stop acne breakouts

04 Oct -
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Acne breakouts can make one feel self-conscious. While these pesky zits may not be a serious skin disorder, they do take a toll on a person’s confidence level. While it is not completely possible to stay out of acne breakouts one can minimize their appearance with conscious effort. 

If stubborn acne is hampering your confidence levels, it is time to curb them once and for all. Here are some effective remedies that will work to keep acne at bay.

1. Keep your hands off your face: We involuntarily have the habit of touching our face or popping our cheek or chin with our hands, which can do a lot of harm to our skin. They become carrier grounds for bacteria and can irritate skin further. So, one must keep in mind to refrain from picking or popping pimples with your fingers as it can increase the severity of acne and often lead to scarring.

2. Eat a Healthy Balanced diet: Your skin is a reflection of what you consume. Experts believe that diet plays an important role in whether you develop acne and the severity of it. Eating a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole wheat and grains, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids) not only good for your health, but they are the foods to prevent acne as well. Foods which are rich in carbohydrates and sugar can worsen acne.

Tip: Cut down on high-glycemic foods, French fries, pizza, greasy burgers and soda to help keep acne at bay.

3. Change / Wash Your Pillowcase Frequently: All the sweat, dirt, grime, dead skin cells and make-up residues from your face trickle down onto your pillowcase every night. Consequently, your face remains dirty and oily, and the chances of your facial skin pores getting clogged with dirt increase fairly high.

So changing / washing your pillow case frequently is one of the best ways to prevent acne, or reduce its chances of occurrence at least.

Tip: Wash your pillow case at least twice a week, or more if you can.

4. Moisturize Daily: Face washes have the ability to strip off oils and moisture, causing your skin to produce more natural oil – sebum – to make up for dryness. To prevent the skin from producing excess sebum, it is important to moisturize after each face wash to compensate for the oil / moisture loss. When selecting, one must look out for moisturizers with the label  “non comedogenic” on the label as they do not clog the pores and can potentially reduce acne breakouts.

Tips: (i) For oily skin select a gel-base moisturizer. Such moisturizers work better for oily skin because they just provide the required amount of moisture.

(ii) For dry skin use a cream based moisturizer as they are more nourishing and help seal in the moisture.

5. Use Anti Acne products: For some people the OTC products work as one of the best ways to prevent / clear up acne and you don’t need a prescription to buy them. It may take some time to find out which one works best for you. 

Here are some ingredients to look out for in anti acne products: 

  • Manuka Extract: Manuka is known as the gentler cousin of the popular ingredient tea tree (that’s often too harsh). Manuka is rich in  Beta- triketone which enhances its bactericidal potential up to 30X of tea tree oil. Manuka oil treats acne without causing any skin irritation or dryness. It has almost no sensitization potential.
  • Tamanu Extract: Tamanu showed significant evidence of anti-inflammatory properties. It increased skin’s healing factor by up-to 210%. 
  • Neem Seed Oil: Neem extract successfully acted against acne causing bacteria. Not only that, it showed a significant response with a 34.7% reduction in acne lesion counts.

Organic Riot’s Zap is power packed with these ingredients that helps clear acne without drying out the skin. It reduces inflammation caused by acne as well as heals the scars that are often left behind.

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